Lord of the Rings Online does some more work on the Brawler and LI 3.0

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If you haven’t yet gotten an advance look at the new Brawler class and the revamped legendary item system for Lord of the Rings Online, you have a short window to check out the latest build for these on the test server before it goes down tomorrow.

Play LOTRO for freeBeta 2 for Update 30.3 tweaks a number of the Brawler’s skills and increases its overall damage, adds some new traceries for the Beorning, and nerfed a vastly overperforming Burglar tracery because it’s too dangerous to ever let the Burglars be good in this game. Shove ’em back down to the bottom of the list, if you know what’s good for ya.

LOTRO’s debut of the Brawler and LI 3.0 has stirred up a whole lot of conversation in the community. While it’s promising, we still have questions and concerns about their full implementation.

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